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stuck with glue

_0_yin yang tree
Everything that once upon a time had been us, 
trust within our like,love, and lust
no longer was here, it was tucked way in the past
yet… reminiscing together brings it ALL back
as if yesterday never left us behind
time did once again begin to unwind
with no reason or rhyme
another turning season in time
it is just because
we took time to pause
together in thoughts
carefully yet blindly sought
that turned to words
to be heard
some in All CAPS, others small
some with curves, some standing tall
silence is how cyberspace withstands
the noise of frustration in using hands
on keyboards using selective keys
to unlock our mystery within our destiny
veins a popping cannot be seen
within lines of words in between
tears falling to the ground
not making such a mournful sound
laughing out loud
behind the screens invisibility shroud
why do we go through so many emotions
without sound and commotion
perhaps a button ( or two) pushed or pulled
that connecting red thread tugged again off its spool
to remind us we still do care
for the other one over here and there
and once again we did survive
to become stronger in together and thrive
making it through another season
in our own rhyme and reasons
no one else would ever understand
the beat to our own gypsy band
in a world of perfection
in all it’s imperfections
with each other we work it through
our souls are stuck together with some really strong glue

poetry’s motion

_0_poetry frozn on the mountain


Poetry in motion

mountains peaks frozen

no one path to be found

on this sacred ground

rising above the clouds

showing gratitude with head bowed

standing on a distant shore

a love of more

space and time cannot feel

this love I shall conceal

wander within the woods

knowing all is good

no one to intrude

on this shrouded interlude

of poetry in motion

deep within emotion


_0_poetryinbetweenheaven and earth


poetry in motion

love within devotion

heavens meet earth

day and night emerge

rivers quietly flow

flower sparkle like snow

valleys caressed by mountains

stars to be counted

silence above, as well as beneath

drifting, motionless, just breathe


_0_poetryin mist


poetry in motion

among life’s commotion

thought filled state

neither early nor late

a wander within mind

chaos left behind

mist filled grey

no lines today

a moment to just be

looking beyond to see




images from whispers on the internet

and just my thoughts as i listened to them




my glass is always full

no, that thought doesn’t make me a fool

some will see it only as half filled with water

though making it full, the other half is filled with air

one to quench my thirst as I drink this magickal elixir

one to inhale, exhale, to breathe

taking air, life’s sustaining energy within me

when the glass is half full

it shows more in a reflecting pool

the sun,the moon, the stars, the trees, and in all its glory…Earth

with this, a thought begins to emerge

my reflection is in the middle of that reflection

connected by invisible threads to earth, the water and air

it leads me to know I am not just one part of it, I am within all of what I see

I have thoughts, I have choices, I have imagination, I am me

connected to earth I have roots to ground me to walk

it gives me a chance, a choice to walk my talk

connected to the sun,the moon, the stars in the sky

I know I have wings though invisible to the human eye, I can fly

connected to water so I am filled with emotions that flow to evolve

whether happiness or sadness tears will be involved

now, one might wonder where the element of fire would be

in the half filled glass in front of me

it is the passion I look at all life’s wonders

as I take each moment to set out to wander

it is the fires of desires within my Spirit

as I wander, I feel it, I hear it

the roaring flames now blazing from the once simmering embers

surrounding, warming my heart to always remember

a half glass of water is an illusion of my human mind

it is bottomless, it is flowing within infinity’s passages of time

it is not ever empty

as it is full of life’s living energy and memories

whispered on the winds by the Ancient One’s words

from the past, the present and the future

I raise and tip my glass consuming life in all it’s glory

as I turn to create within liquid colors that flow into my own story






beat of the drums


I walk to the beat of my own drum
speed it up and away with the wolves I run
it comes from deep within my soul
I have no need to control
takes me far away, I get lost
the scenic route is worth the cost
I find hidden treasure along the path
I wander forward and trip in the past
I dance in the woods sometimes alone
the rhythm soothes my spirit in its song
it fills a need that only nature can sustain
I run with the wind, dance in the rain
laughing out loud, I chase the rainbows again
I pause beneath colors that arch across blue skies
wondering if I could reach past them to the stars on high
close my eyes and dream of tomorrow’s roads I’ll take
and the dream within Winter’s Solstice shall awake
spinning and weaving magick within the winds
the Fae steps out from of the Winter’s mist, I know his truth will not bend
the beat of the drums begin again
my heart knows the dreams are but a whisper away on the wind
_0_WolvesHelenKellerquoteimages heard on the internet

LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words:

a day when memories go blue
and fade into the night
dreams take flight
because the door closed on you
Wishing everyone a Great Weekend

Originally posted on "A Curious Mind":

2232“When The Stars Go Blue

“I Think Best’est Ever!”

“Love it !”


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words are ripples upon the wind

whispers someone decided to send

they shatter the stillness of suspended air

letting someone know they care


ripples of words can be questions one would ask

a need to know,not suggesting one to conform as a need or labored task, 

they let one know where they truly stand

or if they read the ripples of words wrong in shifting sand


ripples of words pull the threads connecting hearts so alike

not holding back the dam of emotions like  a finger in a cracked dike

one doesn’t need to hide behind ripples of pretty words

sometimes they just want to hear they matter as well as being just heard


ripples of words can flow in silence of one’s thoughts

when one who heard ignores what matters in what love taught

love is not fragile it is strong, hearts are fragile they can be broken

when words and thoughts within a question are kept silent in fear,then love is not spoken


ripples of words flow within the wind over the ocean

churning into waves of thoughts, forming into the depths of emotions

a storm is awakening within each ripple’s flow

watch from the shore or become riders of the storm within the light and shadows


ripples of words set within intention can hurt or heal

it is one’s own heart’s promise that binds and does seal

which ripple you send is of your own free will and choice

which ripple will it be, love or fear does your heart give a voice



8 september 2014



images found in cyberspace

waiting to be listened too

I Know You Hear

LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words:

whispers call on this Autumn day, not sure what they say, but it brought me back here,
Hope y’all are having a good weekend…!
Take Care…you Matter…

Originally posted on ladybluerose:

I whisper…I know you hear
but you are so far away wrapped in fear
do you think of me when you see a rose
or am I a faded memory with no place to go
I know you better than anyone else
I know all your dreams and desires you hide in books on a shelf
you wander in your sleep looking for what…..
restless is your soul for you cannot….have not forgot
I smile when I think of your dimple
life is just that sweet and simple
you sit alone in your quiet solitude
no one can penerate that shield of attitude
as I wander through gardens under the moon and stars
I hear your whispers under the same stars they don’t seem so far
you can deny, ignore or pretend all is just fantasy in dreams
but you and I both know exactly what we have heard and seen
walks in the…

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tis merely a dream

for the wind shall kiss thy lips
as I wander the four directions of this earth
the quest of the chalice from which I seek to sip
for then there shall be much joy and mirth
  thou shall roam as free as the mountain’s winds
run barefoot among the shadows, of the moss-filled glade
whispers within the trees thou shall send
for thy forever lover to come and play
together we shall drink of sweet wine
dance upon the night’s dew, take flight to the moon’s surface
for by time standing still, thy love will be mine
as thou is surely thine,as thy heart is only of thy service
for the sake of heavens blessing, we shall be within sacred love …again
entwining our bodies within heart and soul
breathe as one, we shall only know of beginnings within each end
for love is a gift as within above, so it shall be here below
ahh…tis merely a dream thy happened upon this Autumns night
as thou lay thee head upon a pillow and attempted to drift away
so far where fantasy is reality and wings unfurl to take flight
though still…you shall follow me home, for we belong among the stars
3 september 2014
this is just an attempt to use thy, thee, thou and thine…
daydreaming as I watch Mist’s of Avalon, and then couldn’t sleep,
so if the words are not in the right place,
we’ll just chalk it up to I am from Texas,
and am easily confused using proper English  :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday
just me

LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words:

a lesson in Peace, Hawk is a Bard with a the ancient wisdom from an olde Soul….This is a beautiful reminder everything not just every person has a spirit that breathes and feels…
Take care…You Matter…

Originally posted on The Fires Inside:

Not very old when it happened,
A few years past a sapling,
She was out of line
A bit too far
From her many, cherished siblings
That stood in measured rows
Across the farm.
Like it was yesterday
She recalls
The day they pierced her,
With talk of “property”
And a wire that was barbed,
Confusion and pain
Like the first cut of puberty.
Still she grew tall and strong,
Her flesh covering over
The wire with the prongs,
Spreading her limbs wide
Over both sides,
With shade and fruit
That never failed to amaze
And the spiteful wire
Could do naught but rust away.
Now dropping her apples
On both the ugly and the good
She became a goddess, a queen
To the oaks of the distant woods,
Whispering to each other
As the breeze delivers her sweetness,
“Just look at her, old friends,
Is she not magnificent?”

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thoughts penned to paper


to be inspired

is to aspire

to one’s heart’s dreams and desires

setting thoughts on fire


putting pen to paper

by the glow of candle tapers

arranging your thoughts of shift and shapers

into love poems or mystery capers


to breathe into them, life

storms of center’s calm or raging strife

lover’s embracing or the betrayals knife

wandering the forests, flying a kite


words of woes and misfits

life changing heart gifts

unfurled wings to lift

sands of time to sift


sharing heart and soul

embracing the dark’s glow

illuminating the Winter’s snow

forming love to have and always hold


each line a rise and fall

whispers of the soul’s call

trees to hold the ancient memories of all

life to create what the sightless saw


inspiration to know your thoughts of Divine

continuous random acts of being kind

glorious treasures of spirit to find

as the roads begin to unwind


be inspired

to acquire

dreams of heart’s desires

creating love within eternal fires



30 august 2014


_0_Candlelight writing



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