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“The true way to live
is to enjoy every moment as it passes
and surely it is in the everyday things around us
that the beauty in life lives”
~Laura Ingalls Wilder~

a resurrection of dreams

taking them to new undetermined heights

a reflection within resurrection of life

for there is more to see if one looks past being mortal into the unseen


a resurrection of hope

entwined with mortal and spiritual love beyond dreams

to flow within as a gentle breeze by a rambling stream

thriving in it’s light, not to just merely cope


a resurrection of prayer

to give as well from the heart is open to receive

where wishes and dreams are lovingly weaved

awakening in the moment to become fully aware


a resurrection of faith

within one’s self and it’s spirit

walking an honorable path of talk, accepting within to live it

beginning now no more need to wait


a resurrection of life into living

beyond this moment of mortal misgivings

for one is born with unlimited possibilities

living gratitude in each breath a day of thanks-giving



April 21,2014


LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words:

sometimes we need to listen to someone besides
mainstream media…and for those of us who do, we need to share…
Take Care…You Matter…

and the video came down….

so Lou over at the

put it up again….notice how if the truth is brought with facts and to show the other ones as not facts…always seems to come down

wonder why….maybe truth…facts…truth from the facts are not what some would want the public to see….

it will probly come down again, but for now…here it is again

Thank you for taking time to watch…listen…and using your own decide what you think…



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Have you ever seen anything in your life more wonderful
than the way the sun, every evening,
relaxed and easy, floats towards the horizon.
~ Mary Oliver


nothing… thing is eternal within life
yet we would try to make it so creating chaos and strife
with each passing breath of wind
a thought is tucked within for later remembrance
whether it be a smile or a falling tear
we keep the presence of that thought ever so near
each will change through the days emotional moods
yet in its weaving through heart and mind it will sometimes allude
houses built on foundations within four walls
eventually will crumble and fall as Nature calls
each abandon structure, will slowly return to nature
visited by ghost of the past and wandering creatures
as the stars from millions of light years away shine at night
filling universes in galaxies with colors bright
even the galaxy of brilliant, heavenly stars too shall pass
for they will eventually burn up as they run out of gas
humans shall return from dust back to dust, within a peaceful hush
some with fear, while others reach for more with absolute heart in trust


no thing …nothing is eternal in this life we create for now
each energy walks their path, in fear, in bliss, in knowledge within and without
some will stand tall as the mighty oak, some will cower and always bow
this is a life to be reckoned with, to learn to  follow dreams or nightmares somehow
I sometimes believe we came from unconditional love to stumble blindly off track
always in a quest to gain to sustain, or worry in what in ourselves we lack
then there are days when we let go of strife, worry and fears and just relax
in the letting go we find or I do at least, the only thing that matters
is the kindness we show, the seeds of love and peace we scatter
it is not a thing we let go of, but an energy of emotion we hope to again gather
for in this circle that continues on into whatever infinity holds for us
I think the most powerful seed we can plant is the seed of trust

for within trust of heart, of self, of others, of what is…is,

then love entwined within peace becomes a must

_0_aMay You Always know

finding the fire


I am always chasing the dreams within passions fire
following close to the path of my hearts desires
the night calls within those whispers on the wind
I open the window to follow the sounds and scents
up close and clear,  yet sometimes I wonder where they went
the night is full of hypnotic fragrances entwined within night sounds
music that comes from the stars falling to be earth bound
a journey that takes me higher to the other side
of daylight dancing into the stars and within the moonlight
my feet are bare as I run and they kiss the earth
I feel Her heartbeat whispering,, telling me all I am worth
Her energy pulls me past another almost defeat
feeling my own heartbeat, I know She has my spirit to keep
so I wander within the scattered whims of my mind
catching up with what got left behind
magick that was spun and weaved deep inside
within that moment  I find I am once again defined
nights are set to silent words written on the winds of highest intent
days are blissfully full with peace entwined with content
moment to moment within chasing the fire, I find myself being me once more
as the window showed me my desires of tomorrow, I turn to open its door




_0_faith in fate

fate verses faith
fate disperses faith
or faith disperses fate?
entwined within fragile threads
threads weaving within life’s web
shifting within time and space
expanding, constricting in each trace
left behind, moved forward, pausing to breathe
learning to believe in dreams of passion we conceive
accepting the challenges life has to give
creating more in this moment we live
accepting our fate on faith
having faith to create fate
giving with no expectations
receiving the givings reflection
fate decides faith
faith decides fate


If I were Inside You

I could form a garden from the wind
Make it stay for your enjoyment
Then turn it back again
If I were inside you

If I were inside you
I would not move
It seems so slow
But you would move
I know

Heaven and Earth

You would be the gate
And they would be the same

Flaming letters would write your name
Upon every living thing

If I were inside you

If I were inside you
I would expand
Till you could not contain

Thunder would break the sky
And lightening would flash

There would be rain

If I were inside you

If I were inside you
The door of everything
Would open
And we would rock upon the water
Till the sea gave up the dead

The fire in my heart
Would be the sunlight in my head

If I were inside you

If I were inside you
Every pore upon your skin
Would open into rainbows
That would tremble and dissolve

Over and over again

If I were inside you

If I were inside you
Because you let me in
I would fold my tent forever

Hell would curl up at your feet
And go to sleep

And I would never leave again

If I were inside you

                              ~ Les Visible

enjoy another one by Les Visible

Beautiful in its emotional waves upon the wind



_0_aaStarling aerial dance1

aerial dance
of life’s romance
each a gift
with turns and twists
grace without…within
beginning to end
soaring ever high
under blue and grey skies
plunging deepest down
earth bound
a turn again upwards
dancing in breathless words
an exquisite, intricate  show
within amazing, perfection of flow
Natures priceless gift to us
a silent hearts touch
_0_aaStarling aerial dance11

the frayed angels shed their wings
and descend
into earth’s turmoil
burying their sunlight
in a cloth
of sleek
and willing flesh


incomplete forever
wanders the thirsty deserts of unrequited desire

in dreams sometimes we touch
that place of peace
where longing ends

where the long road of countless sleeps
beckons into the cross roads of awakening

the punishment of separation ends

the slaughter of innocence

the ravaged hearts
and faces of those
who lost their love

there is nothing in this life so sweet
as the touch
the embrace
of one who has come
across all the vastness
of lifetimes

to lie tranquil in your arms

it is as close to paradise
as we
are permitted to come

the casual couplings
the lust of power to possess
are only shadows of this love

ceremonies of torment and loss

for the more one desires
the greater the effort to have and discard

the greater the distance from ones own heart

every living thing
to hold
to that one memory of themselves
in which the candle of love
however briefly…
so brightly

All doubt and hate are merely faith
and love suppressed
And the inability to love worse than any death

Death being only the boat
that sails
us through and into
the fields of eternal peace

not even the worst of us can avoid this forever

it for this mercy alone
that forever exists

there is nothing that you can do
for which he will not forgive you

I wish only that I might linger all of my days in love

Forging that bond that spans
all time
and change
and washes away for all time
The weakness and stupidities of my fear

which is all that has ever stood
between me
and the ones I loved

that has made a lie so many times
Of the living truth

Like all of you

An embodiment of god

all possibilities
at birth were delivered
into our hands
yet we give ourselves into
subjugation to our servants
for ridicule and confinement

Cast out from the castles from where
as kings and queens
ruled all things from within the temple of the heart

cast out into the trackless wastes of our own confusions
amnesia driven
hungry and alone
while those created to serve us
spill our wine
eat our food
and laugh at the ignorance that
has closed our eyes
to the beauty of ourselves

never again will I let myself be
tormented by fear

the love killer

the life killer

Death of a sort comes to us all
no matter who we are
we cannot escape that

we can only accept
and wonder
to whom did it happen?

let go all chains that hold the image

Earth does not speak unless the spirit flames

these times in which we live
dance like some drunken jester
on the edge
of the abyss

great things are within our reach
even as we wait we can see…

the first glimmer of that dawn
for which
so long
we have waited
to see

It has nearly broken me…

but nothing is beyond repair

truly let this moment be
your last moment
of regret

let your heart see
that you
have not touched the best times yet

take back your wings no longer
frayed and fallen

let us rise and soar
as if no one
had ever gone before.

                            ~ Les Visible


drifting I seek out something I have not heard,  seen, nor felt before,

and if one is listening to the whispers they come upon a work of art that you are in awe of…

such is this work for me, I found it on a site I am on, I have never heard of him before,

and how I fell into his voice as he speaks within such language of passion…oh how to write within that sacred space as he has

I hope y’all enjoy as I did …Thank You….I appreciate your listening and taking time to tell me what you think

Take care…You Matter…






an inevitable journey shall we take
for love and heavens sake
wandering through the four seasons
searching for something beyond reason
within the fantasies of the mind
we grow, stretching as thoughts unwind
giving visuals to the many colors of silence we hold inside
where cherished dreams sometimes hide
tucked in what you say is the past
yet you feel whispers from each nights circle thats cast
the past is in the memory of now moving towards steps
speaking the intentions set for the tomorrows that rise from its depths
of souls connected from before the winds had directions
before the sun cast the moons magickal reflection
what was set within the tides of the ocean
giving birth to intertwined spirits emotions
that shall burn with passion through the flames of eternity
for souls connected before time are here to unravel ancient mysteries
given within sacred oaths of once upon a time long ago
that past is here now to be a part of the entwining of Earth’s light and shadows
the balance of yin and yang, the awakening within body, mind and spirit
the symphony of Nature is beginning to play, listen…you’ll hear it


midnight blue


full moon skies, layers within deep midnight blue

behind the clouds a million and one stars dancing through

winds with the breath of Spring upon this night blew

under the full moon daffodils were blooming too


trees swayed,bowing as if the winds whispers were heavy

they seem laded with burdens or perhaps the jasmine fragrance made them heady

branches reaching upward though were perfectly steady

as the night progressed for what ever may come, they were ready


birds snuggled in their nest as the winds of the night raged on

flowers on the plum trees laugh and dance as they glistened like snow

far to the East the moon rises higher as Her light dances within the shadows

whispers of the night get louder as the winds of the end of Winter continue to blow


the bare trees  look like black lace swaying against the moon light

a leaf  from Autumn hangs on for what must be one more chance to feel the end of Winters

moon light

the tips of branches look like fingers busy writing on the wind

messages for someones heart tonight, perhaps a wish being granted by Faeries being sent


standing within the winds of Winter meeting Spring

listening to the secrets of what the tomorrows of Spring shall bring

frustration falls away as well any sadness left will take its leave from the soul

within this moment ones feels the peace of knowing everything will fall into place as control is let go


time stands perfectly still under the midnight blue skies of this night

looking like a veil shielding the thoughts of tomorrow hidden in light

wind carries on more whispers, racing to finish before dawn

once again drawing down the energy of the moon is done,

renewed within Spirit,one turns to leave, stifling one last Winters yawn




_0_aaaaFreeand Wild


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