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if not belief


we have nothing if not belief

it gives the spirit a much needed relief

to dream the possible

in what most will deem the impossible

the sun shall always rise

giving clarity into any hidden disguise

the world will see you and I 

as we unfurl our wings and fly

our wills are meant to be free

our hearts beating to the rhythm of peace

do you wish and then believe

your dreams and desires can be achieved 

look into the dreams of faraway places

there one meets a familiar face

where time of long ago

collides in moments of now to show

the beginning began at the end

shhh, listen to the whispers of tonight’s wind

they tell of tales of time before

when life entwined within love evermore

happiness was today, tomorrow, and beyond

 lovers held in hearts a sacred bond

where one knew they were not ever alone

on their destiny’s journey of going home

for the map of home is written on the scars of the heart

we have always known this from the start

if one should become lost

there is no judgement or cost

the entwined shall always know they belong

just pause …and remember the hearts song



27 august 2014



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distant years

_0_Distant Years_Astarwhitesparkle
in distant years, I will look back
remembering the not so distant past
I will smile and know I gave my all
each time I stood back up from a fall
silent thoughts will whisper silent words
the wind will carry them, so they can be heard
there will be sadness in the years that was let go
joy in knowing I have the love still to hold
the hurt will have long ago subsided, for I let go of it’s ache
tears won’t flow from the dreams as I wake
walking along the beach I will be quite content
as I have in my heart what was surely heaven sent
I look out to sea, then turn to see who I am waiting for
there he is coming up the beach with his dog, the man I adore
his smile lights up this moment ever brighter than the sun
I reach out my hand to his, for this new dawn has begun
hand in hand we walk the beach into more distant years
breathtaking  joy entwined with sadness of life has got us to here
we are at a point of no need to return to anywhere
for we created the magick to take us together everywhere
19 august 2014
images found on the internet
music was found on a video ( the group ) on Andy’s blog
he always has the best music to write too
Thank you Andy!



We go through our daily lives doing things because of the fear…..
I am no exception, as I wandered in this thought I realized that even more….
Humans have become automatic in a fear based environment,
absorbing commercials, Guru’s truths that are meant to be shared not as absolute facts set in stone, governments control of what is good for us,
even in our immediate surroundings, we let others tell us what they think is in our best interests,
which is a lie, it is their best interests of their need to control
which stems from a fear they will deny they have…..
We eat healthy out of fear
not because we enjoy, savor the flavors, the taste
but because we fear if we don’t then we won’t be healthy,
we’ll get sick
you can eat organic, fresh, raw, no meats, no dairy, ect…
each is a choice that you come to for what you need,
but if you are not enjoying it, taking TIME to enjoy it,
then the illness will still be there, over weight is still there…
being tired , no energy, even being sad is still there…..
fear is a poisonous energy that spreads within your body effecting organs,
your state of mind, your heart language, its an invisible poison that keeps you from
being the healthy, happy you….
I have a granddaughter who eats so slow, (sometimes nerve wracking slow *:) happy )
but she savors her food, and she even uses that word at 10 yrs young..she enjoys the
flavors that come from an apple as she feels the different textures that come from each bite.
Paige doesn’t eat an apple because she thinks it will make her healthy, she eats one because
it tastes good and she enjoys it….that simple…maybe she feels? hears? her body is asking for one
and as she consumes it with the enjoyment for the simple pleasure of taste,
it is sending her body and mind powerful messages,
 one that is positive in the pleasure, not fear of what the apple could prevent……

In this fast-pace hurry, instant gratification world, we eat on the run, grab fast food drive through
on the way home, and who can blame us because there is not enough time in the day
but…there is time… just have to stop being afraid to take this moment to express your desires
your dreams, your need to share,
even it is as simple as sitting down to dinner,
to have time to share you, your thoughts…..

If you feel you are only the provider in a relationship you create a wall to block receiving
the joy of just being carefree for even a little while….
fear in a relationship can push someone away that should be there…..if one has a fear that
there is not enough money, or you doubt that person can help you if you get ill, you start looking
for one who you think will fill the gap in all those fears….
fear then creates a relationship built not on respect and love or even like,
but a need to eliminate the fear of not having enough….eventually
that fear turns to resentment and once again fear will have you looking to fill what the
 relationship is now lacking in for you.
Fear is always a repeating pattern until we tell our self the truth of what it is we really want and need.

Being a good person because it feels good, giving one honor, respect, humility, compassion, empathy,
ethics ….any word can become the positive to describe one’s views of them self ,
just as any of the words
can become negative within if they are used through the state of fear
the energy that we put within each emotion has an inside effect as well as an outside effect.
Do you base your “being good ” on a religion? If God is love, and He does love all His children
why does the fear of His wrath come into that feeling?
Do you go to church because you have the fear that
you will be perceived as a bad person, a God-less person if you don’t.
Fear controls the image or the mask you wear if you pray out of fear of not making it too heaven.
to me, the intention of one’s actions is the steps to their view of heaven. as well as taking responsibility
for those actions. I think saying Thank you and meaning it is the best prayer the Divine could want to hear.

Self help books helped the person writing it and they share in hopes of helping someone…. we read to find magick words for fear of being inadequate in how we are perceived in our mundane life…..I have attempted many times to find a book with those magick words.
each time I put it down, for I know deep inside, I am the only one who can write the magick for myself.
I think this world is full of ways to promote fear instead of promoting the  trust in our intuition…..such as……( I started with this list on my thinking of fear)

reading the labels for fear of being fed a toxin
eating healthy for the fear of getting sick
deny your words for fear of being misunderstood
create masks for fear of not being seen as good enough or too different
deny your faith for fear of being politically incorrect
go into debt for fear the Jones will beat you to the finish line of impressing the Smith’s
hide your fears for fear being discovered human with emotions
don’t show sadness for fear of being diagnosed as depressed
don’t show being happy for fear of seen as arrogant
don’t show anger for fear of being seen as one with “repressed issues”
don’t show silence for fear of being seen as cold and aloof
you exercise for fear of not having the perfect body
one closes off expressing their true feeling for fear of upsetting or so called rocking the boat in the world
your fear failure as you will be seen not as good as the ones you see as successful
you fear success for you fear the unknown of what it will change in your immediate surroundings
you fear love because you may have been hurt or perhaps heard too many say the word but don’t mean it
you fear…  fear for it might appear you are weak or defected in some way so you hide it inside

our individuality is an extension of free will, the choices we make on everyday life….those choices
can define our tomorrow, even if we are not promised that tomorrow, we still have hope for one.
if we choose to fear instead of savoring the moment, we repeat the fear, letting it not only grow within
our own self but it is taken in by those who near, especially our children are influenced by fears they
are exposed too….
all those fears create a negative energy field ….poisoning the air around you..
Dr Emoto shows how your words, thoughts effect water in negative and positive energy….
the movie “What’s the Bleep/Down the Rabbit Hole” shows it in a way it makes sense…well it did to me.

f- future
Fear…… a repeating patterning that needs to be broken I think

Fear is also lack of yourself, in the people around you, your governments, your ability
to make your own decisions, your constant worry if you have enough ….

To me, fear has made our world a repeating pattern, a Groundhog Day..where we repeat the same day over and over ( I think the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray and
Andie MacDowell  was…is  a powerful lesson…)
 because until we see what we are missing, whats right in front of us we will repeat the day,
Dreams, we are missing our Dreams….Fear has replaced dreams
without dreams we stay in limbo, suspended in this one day of thought repeating it….

I had always lived with out fear, (or so I thought) accepting that Goddess/God is always there….yes, I ate healthy because
I didn’t want to be sick, all those human reasons……then I opened up to that human emotion
condition called “falling in love”  and then I knew what fear was…losing something that seemed to take my breath away and give it back in the most incredible feelings, colors, expressions….
something/someone that completed me…..and I learned to trust….
but fear came to the other in a stronger energy…making life changing decisions for me without considering
what their fear would have on me. My fear of losing became reality…..

Their fear fed mine and reminded me of what I thought were forgotten and long ago
insecurities, and so many issues that I lost myself…… Have I found me again? sometimes yes, sometimes no
for it is easier to let fear in than it is to let it go….this is not a blaming of the other’s fear, it is accepting my reaction
to it.
I think finally accepting what happen has released the majority of my fear, accepting I will never have the answers
is getting easier….

Then there is always those who thrive in their power to instill fear, on a personal or global level….
Relationships based on fear will always break apart….each come together in their own fear based
matters of mind and heart, each trying to control the other with their control, even subtle in the action
where the other may not even see it…..but then maybe they are so used to that kind of control, its easier
to live with someone and know what is expected….in that kind of relationship the thought comes naturally of
“all good things must end”
Global fear is hard for me to understand,for it means a complacent acceptance that the people deserve it,
but then that is probably the same as the personal level of fear induced control too…
I’ve been in mind puzzles these past few days…and I finished my thinking in writing this Sunday rambling.
I see where I am, where I have been, and where I will go….now to take that first step
Thank you for listening to the ramblings of my chaotic thoughts…
I appreciate the time you take to read…and if you made it this far, you know I have been having tea
with Alice and the MadHatter in my own chaotic Wonderland LOLs…
Have a Great week !


Hello World….again

_0_Texas photo by Debbie Scharman ~Photo by Debbie Scharmen


Hello world…again,

been awhile since I’ve stopped in

life gets in the way sometimes

thoughts of what’s important gets left behind

then as I watch a Cardinal and a cat

go for the same grasshopper,

and that

is the moment I turn around because

I feel you calling for me to pause,

take a breath and just be

  to remember what’s important to me

and whisper a Thank You filled with gratitude

as I listen to nature’s magickal tunes

of a new moment unfolding before my eyes

sharing the wonders under a Texas blue sky

Thank You for being here,

your friendships I hold dear



14 august 2014


_0_Texas1 photo by Lisa Ennis~Photo by Lisa Ennis

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An Amazing Friend – Ajay

LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words:

as another one spreads his wings…
Ajaytao and his beautiful images and thoughts will be missed very much…
Take Care…You Matter..

Originally posted on MsTranquility:

For some reason today I felt the need to see how a dear friend, and one of our amazing fellow Bloggers, Ajaytao, was doing….and in the comments section of his last post, I read that he unfortunately has passed away on Sunday the 10th :(

I am at a loss for words. Ajay was such a sweet, kind, loving man who was always here to lend a shoulder or give a smile when needed. We all loved him, and he will be truly missed :(

♥ RIP ♥

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LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words:

to me words are magick,
they let us become the flow instead
just going with the flow…
being a participant in the best of someone
else thoughts….
Scottishmomus has such river of words
I know you will enjoy her magick words within
her thoughts…
Thank you for reading
Take Care…You Matter…

Originally posted on scottishmomus:

Do you believe in laughter held in truth,

In knowing that words spoken find their mark,

That a look, a touch, the gentlest hand may form

A smile that grows within, ignites a spark?

Do you believe that gladness grows inside,

Overflows to others open to

Receiving joy as recompense for living

When its trials and labours overwhelm and threaten you?

Do you believe that hurting ends in time,

That inner worlds are balanced by all love,

That questions yet unanswered cause a thrill,

Their discoveries a golden treasure trove?

Do you believe that somewhere inside light

The heart of matter hides a great reveal,

That nothing happens without cause effect

And perceptions make our own world feel what’s real?

Do you believe that logos is the word

Or that words alone confuse a greater thought,

That lips that speak the lies betray the way

And sometimes guidance dwells in…

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_0_aRobin Wight Heart Faery sculpture
~Art by ~Robin Wight
1abeatingsilverheartFaery Hearts
twilight descends behind the whispers of the mountain tops 
it is that moment between sleep and wake when time does pause
the sun stretching his rays beginning to awaken from a good nights sleep
the moon shines brighter as she kisses him goodnight, beginning to fall into slumber deep
as the mist settles, shrouding in silence the valley below
the Faery rises….taking flight to share what she knows 
whispering from the language within her heart
she delivers messages so sweet on the winds to travel ever far 
each, created in love from the ancient ones, instilled with infinity’s grace
silently kissing the chosen ones cheek or wiping a tear from their face 
all good things do not end,  they shall go on forever
for love delivered from the faery’s heart  cannot ever be severed
into the night among the stars, entwined within moonbeams, they shall  forever dance
if one were to open their heart within the gift of sight and take a chance 
to roam within infinity, circling time and space, gathering memories to trace
showing each soul it shall touch, the way to their destiny is within the magick of play
in the twilight hour, when you are in between waking and dreams of sleep
feel and remember the Heart Faery’s soft touch of a kiss upon your cheek
hear Her message she whispers in the moment she brings between light and dark
take it deep within your being and listen as it speaks to your heart
7 august 2014
in the first photo in this article , I believe he captured a faery too…….
or perhaps She was whispering his destiny? :)
Wire Sculpture by Fantasywire on FB

water colors of Autumn

_0_Muted colors of Autumn~artist unknown
water colors of Autumn falling
leaving Summer to fall
though Summer has yet to have Her last call
resting in the West, She is stalling
as Autumn whispers on a cooler breeze
waiting on the horizon in the East
in the middle they shall meet
and greet
in a time for abundance of Springs seeds
we scattered
readying the season of harvest we will gather
reaping what we have sown
nourished with love we too have grown
along side of the harvest we are blessed with
each a prayer said for this gift
closing eyes and being still
we listen to whispers from the water colors of Autumns wheel
we remember of barefoot running
on the greens of grass
wanting Summer to forever last
friends became lovers then friends again
there was no need for losing what we willed to win
gathered around a table or perhaps this year a tree
giving Thanks to the realizing of how special it is to be free
to be
all we wished upon a time, whispering to the falling star
traveling from here to there and back again not really that far
for we remember
dreams in December as August will surely give way
to Winters turn to play
yes we will remember treasures of seasons past, present
and forward moving with or without consent
knowing each emotion is forming bridges to ascend
turning the wheel of our season to begin… again
_0_asingleroseimages found in cyberspace

Dragonfly Dew

_0_Dragonfly Dew

 Dragonfly Dew


seeped in morning dew

the shy dragonfly knew

magickal morphing was about

showing the faery’s true colors no doubt

as quick as an eye can blink

shimmering gossamer threads were suddenly bared

for all who believed in the magick he shares

the unseen within ancient fairy tales appeared

before the faery dust had cleared

one standing there could see a mystery being unshrouded

beneath the morning of bluest skies with no distraction of even a cloud

yes…there are faeries in the gardens here on Earth

they have been living…..dancing here long before the first human birth

waiting for you to see them in all their magickal glory

would you sit for a spell and hear their story?

dance, sing and fill your heart with laughter

hear the tales of the future in the now of ever after

the answer would be overcoming the mundane…

leaving behind doubts and magick you will surely gain

yes! said full of curiosity

to share in this hidden realm of shrouded mystery

as one walks away shaking their head

thinking…should they tell or keep the secret instead



2 august 2014


_I will meet you thereimages found in cyberspace via FB



a wonderful world

what a wonderful world
with no need to keep score
acceptance of all individualitys
wandering in their own spirituality
lessons to learn with each breath of air
acts of kindness to reach out and share
touching someone’s heart without a sound
a friend, a kindred spirit to be found
May the weekend be your dreams and more
as perhaps a smile is someone’s knock on your heart’s door

1 august 2014

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