_0_Homeless Peter Wilkins

~Homeless by Peter Wilkins

no home
to call my own
my only friend
his love with no end
four legs entwined
with mine
on pavement so cold
and tonight,more snow
his head I hold
for it is all I have to give
we sit in existence here
with falling silent tears
sitting on the edge of dark
raw emotions stark
a time of despair
no one seems to care
no hope to hold on too
not knowing what to do
my mind watches time pass by
my heart only knows the pain inside
will someone ever care
will someone ever share
a smile with me
and notice my friend and me
have no place to go
only to suffer in silence within the cold



what if God was one of us….
I have always given money to the homeless, even times when I had  five dollars to make
it through the week…my then friends would say I was enabling them, and yes there are scams
even in white shirts with starched collars there are scams… but What if I was handing my last dollar to an Angel? standing
before me is a real person one who needs help and I can help even if it is only a little…. when I would say that those people would laugh, but I truly Believe it is possible..
so I will always give a dollar, a blanket, a coat or what ever I have….
for I have always as long as I can remember thought it is an Angel I am seeing in those eyes…
for homeless is not a disease, and no one asks for it
it happens to the best and worst of humans as well as the animal kingdom
there is no discrimination, it can happen to anyone at anytime
overwhelming circumstances snowball into chaos and then the unthinkable
no where to turn….it’s hard to know how to begin again when you have nothing of your own
I am no authority…I have been homeless with 2 small children so I know a little
bit about the experience, I know the fear of what if’s?
but this is about Peter Wilkin’s and his cause a human cause… not my experience….
and it is an honor to pass along his work….and share his kindness
Peter’s facebook event is for everyone..if you can..join…or give what you can…
this Winter is already upon some parts of the world…
Won’t you pause and remember with kindness the less fortunate?

_0_Rucksack Peter Wilkins Projecthttps://www.facebook.com/events/1464271430463811/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

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