_0_Fluid Stillness

 fluid stillness in grey, fills the morning air
breath of cold from the wind and rain I wear
leaves drifting down like olde memories
each one feels of a warm quilt that covers me
whispers softly sing within the rain
where mortal mundane thoughts abstain
fleeting to places far away from here
quiet until once again they need to share
each raindrop contains an ocean of emotion
held inside my heart containing their commotion
emotions escaping, tumbling like words on a page
a silent conversation within myself to be engaged
a walk through the woods where only the trees shall hear
even though I feel you near
questions stifled wanting not to think
just to be within this moment of sync
with Nature and all Her blessings and gifts
where once again the spirits wings shall lift
soaring further than the eye can see
a moment within time to be absolutely free
where silken threads reconnect the heart within the soul
created on the journey that began a thousand years ago
before life had masquerade balls and games
when an ember sparked and began this eternal flame
a time before there were human fears and doubts
unconditional love was shared within and without
is this a possibility or just another dream to quietly shout
and the wind whispers ” this is the journey of all journeys to now find out”
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