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I hadn’t realized it had been two years
so it took awhile for me to hear the winds whispers
I think the wind and Her whispers are tired ? but I
finally decided to do what I always do…
speak in riddles and rhyme
where someone will read between the lines


so many words in two years time
some perhaps I should have left behind
each a step forward in a path of stumbles
some falls so hard the earth seemed to rumble
brushed off yesterday’s dust
picking up the pieces of this olde heart’s trust
knowing the one’s that care
and the ones that now don’t dare
my very first follower is still here
Thank you for being here these two years

so many voices along the way
I appreciate them all each and every day
when I say Take Care and You Matter
I hope on the winds far and wide, that thought scatters
for I know the difference that makes a heart shatter
I think everyone should know they and their thoughts matter
sharing from the thoughts of others I so gratefully gather
I write with my heart wide open
emotions flow as waves flow on the ocean
I have been told I am to open and blunt
but thats just me, I like every thing not hidden, but up front

I have been told so many wondrous stories
each one, someone’s laughter, sorrows creating their own history
fantasy entwines within and without reality
or perhaps it is neither, just words flowing aimlessly
I have wished upon faraway stars
sometimes coming true can leave scars
though who would trade a moment of this roller coaster ride
well some would and are, they prefer the mask to secretly behind it hide
sometimes I wonder if I hear the music before the words
or is it the image finding me wanting to be heard
I have met so many energies that shine bright with light
and I feel the stillness of the ones that are shadows of the night
each a lesson and blessing in disguise
for it helps differentiate the truth from the lies
I have met kindred spirits that I feel I have known forever
learning much from each in this cyberspace world together

some have come and left my space
I always wonder was it something I said

or didn’t say that I should have
there have post that make me cry, and some out loud I laugh
some I have to look up the words
for it was one or two I had not ever heard
a few I want to send them an email to know more
but one is never sure about that door
a hug is a long stretch from here
but in a instant the words of the hug are there
each one has left traces of kindness upon my page
it gives me hope the world is turning back towards Grace
I could go on and on with rambling well into the night
but I don’t won’t to bore y’all or give anyone fright?
needed a rhyme on that line!

Most of all I want to Thank each Beautiful Soul
that makes up this Universe’s puzzle from pieces to a picture of amazingly Whole
I have learned, been burned, laughed cried, and am ready for the start of tomorrow
where we will spread our wings, stand in the shadows of light on time borrowed
it has been a hell of a ride these two years
I am glad you and I are still friends and writing here
Take Care….You Matter….



_I will meet you there_0aaaaaaaawhiterosethankyou

always…..just me

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