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Simply Sunday
I have been experiencing so many changes lately,
as everyone has I think…some good and some not so good,
I work through alot of them gardening, sewing, and writing.
Being here 2 years has me thinking of adding some of my mundane day to day life on my 2.5 acres,
hopefully not to bore y’all into those rabbit holes I stumble down,
but to just simple be me…I was taking pictures today,
of the last rose blooming
23 nov 13 461
( we are having Winter, and it has bitten my roses and my gardens look like a disaster zone)
and I thought as I was going through them I would share Maya for first on this very
“Simply Sunday”
She is my constant reminder of changes, she is my familiar, and a guardian to me…
(a guardian as my Dragon, my friend David sent me from the UK, whole different story)
My daughter got Maya and her sister Lady for me two years ago,
I had lost my Sadie after being with her 19 and a half years, she was a wolf that
someone threw away one night on a busy road in a storm.She was about 2-4 days olde,
the vet wanted to put her down because he believed wolves were too dangerous.
And yes some will argue saying I should have, but I knew she was meant to be
a part of my life the minute I saw her so I said no…
Sadie was so gentle, calm, and beautiful from the inside out, she shared so much wisdom
with me about Gaia, and living within Nature….I had not only unconditional love
but respect for her and her wildness, for you can never really tame a wolf or
any wild creature for that matter, her best friend Maverick passed three weeks before she did,
Maverick told me right before she passed that Sadie would not leave until I released her,
it was such a heartbreaking thought and deed, but I let her go telling her I would be okay,
I still feel her and Maverick and I see so much of Sadie in Maya…It took well over a year for my daughter
to approach the subject with me to get another one…it was hard for you cannot
replace a companion and I didn’t want to go through that again…a familiar comes to you,
if you are to have one so I told my daughter if one of the wolf cubs decided to come to me then
I would think about it, and of course two came to us…*sigh*I reluctantly let Maya and Lady pull
on those heart strings…Now I only talk about Maya here because Lady disappeared, we were in for a bad storm,
and she was restless, not herself for some reason, Maya was calm,
and I thought Lady would be okay for a while as I had to run some errands… she wasn’t,
when I got home she hadn’t taken down 16 feet of 6ft fence and killed 3 of my geese and vanished into thin air,
I have always thought someone must have picked her up, for there was absolutely no sigh of her, ever…
Maya was so sad, she cried, wouldn’t eat, dug a den under the doghouse and would stay under in the dark,
she would only eat oak seedlings and grass…she reverted to a wild place I couldn’t reach, I tried not to let it bother me,
but anyone with animals know it is not possible to ignore or forget, it is like a child is missing…
So Maya and I were sad together, I had some personal things going on so
we spent a lot of quiet time together and just sort of existed…
it took her about 2 months maybe more to play again, slow at first to trust me once more I think,
every time she heard a dog bark, she would sit  and listen being perfectly still,
she still does it every once in awhile as I think I hear Lady too…..
Life moves on, whether we want it too or not, life changes and we learn to go with the flow once again,
Maya and I will always think Lady is coming back, but we are moving forward each day,
accepting she is not here now and hope she is somewhere,where she is loved as much as we love her…
Maya and I go for long walks…she is always searching for something, and pulls me where she wants to go,
I think maybe we are both Alpha’s, seeing who will be the Alpha..well witch LOLs…She is learning I am the older one, 
we play ball, she loves to kick it like she’s playing soccer , she teases letting it go to me,
then she puts her foot on it daring me to try to kick it away…I think she does the teasing as revenge for
not getting her way on our walks…She watches the geese, I wonder if she thinks because of them her sister is gone?
the kittens and cats would love to play with her, but she is too rough with them, she doesn’t know her strength,
we have to be careful with them coming into her space…Maya runs like the wind, she got out one day and was gone in a blink of an eye, she almost brought down a deer before she was caught…
She imitates their run when she sees them, we have alot that roam through here…
Maya is a wolf…in case you hadn’t decided that yet, her mom was full blood wolf,
her dad was one half Siberian Husky and half wolf….
He came into Maya’s mom life unexpectedly, an huge beautiful creature, wild in spirit as well in being,
the owner said he disappeared in the middle of the day, the gate was locked from the inside and outside, and was six feet tall with no way over, it was as if he were a ghost, no one saw him ever again, I think maybe a Spirit he was…
not sure why,  just feels like it, even now.
My friend Philip said when he saw her in a photo I sent him,
“her eyes looked as if some human was locked inside her soul”…
I hadn’t thought about it,but she has some very human traits
(Thank you Philip, that gives me a thought about something I have been wondering over)
Maya talks, yes really,Sadie and Lady did, but I had never heard Maya speak
until those sad months after Lady vanished. I am not sure when I first understood her,
I always talk to all my creatures in my zoo around here, so when I realized she talked back in our language
( not perfectly clear but you can understand her) I just said Okay, that was strange LOLs….
I work with her on more words, she likes to get real close to my face as I speak,
and watches my mouth as if she is seeing the words too. we’ll see one if I can video her talking
and if I can figure out how to run a video … Those will be on my “bucket list ”
Maya loves to howl at the moon, and she dances under it with me. She is a very special creature,
full of quiet wisdom for me…and even though I hesitated on getting her and her sister,
they picked me so I know she is meant to be here. Her energy is charges with curiosity,
and wisdom that is amazing, she loves the rain like I do,,and now I wonder who is behind those crystal blue eyes,
which changes colors like my blue eyes do….hers are so many different blues, an aqua marine and white,
sometime they even sparkle like Faerie dust… one other thing we have in common, she doesn’t like her picture taken,
the ones here was no easy feat LOLs..she was drinking out of her birdbath,
she usually puts dirt, sticks and lately acorns in it to drink with her water….I do not like my photo taken either,
I feel like some part of me is trapped in the photo, as with leaving a voice mail on the phone,
I can’t get all of me back even when someone lets me out of their message center…
yes strange I have been told I am a little different….
I will probably keep this as a Simply Sunday post, once a week about my mundane life is enough,
I think I may not have enough to say if more than one day a week, you can set your clocks by my days…
and I don’t want to bore anyone…maybe I will put a photo of me up in December, January?
we’ll see what Maya says LOLs….Please bear with me on the photos they will be the ones I take,
and I am not that gifted LOLs…but it’ll be fun learning how…
Here’s one way I see Maya besides the photos I put up… of course in rhymes…!
nov232013 003
white as snow
wild and ever so bold has
no fear
but does shed tears
if sad in heart pain
she helps me bounce back
from mine again
she helps me balance
day to day challenges
a constant companion to be with
a familiar that stepped out of an ancient myth
knows all my secrets of dreams and desires
dances within the circles of fire
a friend indeed and so on
one I can always depend on
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