_0_aaaaaaSteppingStones of Time
on this journey of mine
mere stepping stones in time
I wander up and down mountain sides
then on my barefeet, I can feel the ocean’s tides
watching the season’s change
coming back around in time once again
stars dance within the midnight skies
to the moon my soul dares to fly
I dream of all that will come to pass
yes wanting each moment to last
laughter, stillness, and sorrow
accepting I am not promised tomorrow
to be within each moment I seek
to be just me sometimes incomplete
where tears will flow in stages of emotion
in silence, in chaotic commotion
each day I open a blank page
yes I think this journey is on one big stage
so I paint this day’s stepping stone with words
sometimes hoping someone heard
the whispers between the lines
of this wondrous journey of mine
as each of these stepping stones through time
becomes an adventure one day at a time
each one to be given as one of a kind
where honor of one’s word
is not deferred or blurred
for it is an ancient tradition
as it’s respect is a mutual condition
Earth is held as a sacred place
where I came from can be traced
as I listen to the whispers or see the signs
as the journey continues through time within time
where a simple falling feather
could point to a portal into the infinite space of forever
where the heart is open to miracles
accepting the possible of the what was once deemed impossible
in this journey of mine
my stepping stones in time
I wander through many realities
as life unfolds Her many mysteries
I think I have finally got a grasp on today
then the wind blows, and my thoughts wander a different way
finding another truth within another reality
a lesson, an experience along this journey of human mortality
adding another stepping stone
another day closer to yet another reality’s destination of home
where another blank page I will open to
paint more words in many hues
on this journey of mine
on my own stepping stones in time

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