_0_Bridge of Winter

in the coming days of December

in the quiet nights I shall remember

a love that was built on respect and trust

created from all the yesteryears dust

a coming of souls that heard

whispers of wishing on stars secret words

a building a bridge to reconnect

standing together we embraced what did reflect

a growing of hearts over mind

entwining souls in empathy and the art of being kind

dreaming of future days and nights together

a hand fasting of promises into the forever

dreams, desires, plans made within spirit

creating a heart song for everyone to hear it

in the coming nights of December

in the cold days I shall remember

touching beyond a thousand miles between

smiles that carried more within than by others were seen

long walks along the paths through the woods

where in the quiet ancient voices are understood

the building of a journey that was to be shared

handling it with such care

taking it to heights and expectations that have never been seen

only spoke in whispers within the dare to dream

I will remember within this month of December

the flame that burst into blaze  from a simmering ember

each a part of the journey we whispered on the wind to reach the stars

knowing love within trust would take us ever that far

in this coming month of December

my thoughts will drift to remember

the ending that came  once upon a summer night

when words of promise disappeared on the wind in flight

promises made in vain will be put to rest

for I have passed this life’s journeys test

for within the beauty and softness of a rose

I uncovered the thorns that also grow

a new respect for life and the undoing of all I thought was true

now a new dawn rises on this December skies of blue

in the coming days and nights in this month of December

I alone will remember to tend to life’s simmering embers



Dec 02 2013


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