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_0_abandonedto nature
Sunday morning rising within Grace
hands of time taking back another sacred place
broken,  shattered glass of arched windows
no longer reflect the pristine snow
neglected with layers chipped and peeling away
echos of songs and laughter fades
whispers concentrate within vapor
imaginary smoke from long ago snuffed candle tapers
echos in the silent morning is deafening
of stilled grace of ancient blessings
wandering within abandoned faith
suspended in limbo in a world of haste
all thoughts congregate in slow motion
suspended within clay, clotted emotions
numbness shields faraway hidden glares
neither here nor there
sorrows entwine quiet abandonment
denial made without discussion or consent
layer upon layer of truths to unearth
found hidden within lines of scripted words
Sunday evening descends upon knowledge of  fallen grace
whispers of time written in shadows to trace
memories intricately woven for tomorrows dreams
wishes escape the heart, pulled up on moon beams
reincarnating as songs of heartbeats faraway
carried once more on the winds to rest on a sacred place
again there will be stumbles and falls
knowing wisdom from the ancients share the experience with all
yes, its a great moment to be alive
sorting the truth within many who wear the masks made of lies
february 28 2015

without a sound

February the nineteenth  came in without sound
frost sparkled like crystals scattered on the ground
the wind blew through with the force of it’s own will
thoughts rose from that sacred place of being still
a moon entwined with a circle of silver
amber in the middle of a triqueta seemed to shiver
magick began to stir as they touched in distant thought
each knowing what the others’ heart sought
yet time moves within a rhythm of its own
sands created with it’s steady ebb and flow
whispers ride on waves, flowing across the ocean
rising and falling in chaotic commotion within emotions
just for a moment, washing away the walls built between you and me
do you feel the breath from inside me, do you see
does the memory come back in blazing colors
will you open your heart and see what is yet to be discovered
so many words whispered with a energy you won’t hear
for the walls you built scream in silence all the way over here
forever echos lost within time and space
waiting for the walls filled  within silent sadness to one day wash away
another February 19th has come and gone without a sound
the crystal frost has disappeared from this sacred ground
the sun begins to descend, drifting West
the will of the wind will again carry my thoughts to rest
19 February 2015
_0_aaPlatoQuote(images found on facebook and the internet)

would you dance


will you dance with me in the rain
before our song fades away once again
heart to heart and face to face
we touch, embracing, falling into that sacred space
whisper those sweet words to ease my hearts pain
where I know my love for you was not in vain
will you dance with me within the setting sun
where there is no endings, will you once again to me come
hold me close and make everything again alright
holding on to each all through the day and night
whisper those words my heart hears in memories
where I have always known it is our destiny
will you dance with me and stop time
where this cruel mundane world we can leave behind
breath within breath we kiss as one
let no one take this moment that has begun
whisper those words that teach me to breathe
let my heart know again it was not deceived
will you dance with me into the moon light
would you once again be you, letting our Spirits take flight
whisper within whispers, touch upon touch, 
where our spirits go on forever in that sacred love
whisper those words Goddess whispered to you
for they are the same as my heart’s words to you

through the years


through the years

so many tears

hid the fear

of not being good enough

pretending to be tough

closed the heart to love

within a stumble…a flash

walls tumble and crash

reflecting patterns of the past

ones memories are the keys

to unlock the futures new stories

this moment is the time to Believe

in dreams created long ago

where the spirit knew wishes of its soul

written within the language of trust, promises and hope

where life was to be a romance

your heart took a chance

your song played, and you began to dance

the wind whispered, the moon called

 heart and mind entwining heard it all

love was enough and once again… began the most beautiful fall



January 17,2015


_0_aaaaFreeand Wild


May You Believe

one foot in the past
one foot in the future
meeting in this present moment
one within memories
one within dreams
weaving the journey of now
one moment in life
one moment in death
living fully in between the depth
one breath
one step
for Belief is all we have
May You Believe
the Best is yet to Be
May You hear the whispers on the wind
May You see the unseen
May You Just Be You
for that is the key to the door
to You being true to yourself
31 December 2014
_0_aaaaabluerosegarlandgif_0_aaaaFreeand Wild
May Your Dreams Come True



( I own no part of this video, and if I am infringing I apologize and I will take it down, it is a beautiful song and I wanted to share with y’all)


I wanted to stop by and Thank y’all for all the wonderful heart-felt words. They have filled an empty void as I wander in a timeless space these days…….Your concern is overwhelming and there really are no words to express the smiles I have felt from them….Just know I appreciate them and am so Grateful to be a part of this WP family….. MY chaotic, tilted world is slowly righting itself and I am doing okay. 

The video above is one I heard today and it seems to echo where my heart is these days…well the getting away part, not necessarily with anyone in particular :) The holidays are upon us and I wanted to wish every one a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope your Autumn has left you with amazing colors and a bounty of what you desire…….

Thank you again for being here and checking in, I will catch up in the “sooner” time,not the “later” hopefully… and yes Mark I will answer, your words were so kind and beautiful, I am wandering within them more as I am with Sue, Sheldon,Charles,Vincent and Amy …and others who have taken the time to send me an email) I have so many incredible comments on my posts I will be at them as soon as Thanksgiving is over, Life has taken many turns these weeks, and I have found another bridge to cross, so soon I will be back

Take Care for You Matter more than words….

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving





image found on the internet

free falling


I wrote this really long post about my day today, but it was turning into a rage about my aunt

who has come down , this is a problem for me today,

because she came to run roughshod over arranging our lives around my sister’s death,

My older sister Gail passed away this morning unexpectedly, well yesterday,

not quite three months after my sister Kay-K passed away,

I wanted one day with my mom, my brother, my nephew and my family, our family not hers

to remember Gail

it was not to be, i came home, ranted, raged, cried…cried some more,

but it did not change a thing, my aunt was still here being herself,

and my sister Gail is still gone,

i talked while my friends listened, and I am so grateful for them,

no words can define having friends that care enough to call and listen….

one of my sisters co-workers called me and shared with me things Gail had told her,

words she felt i needed to hear, and I did for I had not even known my sister liked my writings….

so Sheldon, Rick, Marjie, Lynn, Venessa, and Lorraine who is now my friend, thanks to Gail

Thank you from my heart,

you helped me catch my breath….you knew no words were necessary, just listening….

and a Thank You to the ones who have emailed me, it mattered a great deal…

Life is funny, though I haven’t found the laughter again…yet, but I will

i will be gone for a while or maybe just a day,

as writing is where I let all those tears become the ink that

paints letter by letter to make sense of the tears that fall

in the chapter within the book of my journey….

i will write about Gail as i did Kay-K and the others I have had to say goodbye to this year…

but not just yet….I have to say good bye in my heart to make room for the memories …

I know the two of them are looking down, laughing because, well just because,

and I have to tell my mom, i was hurt and that is no excuse to hurt her,

she lost two daughters and I am the only daughter left and i behaved like a brat, a hurt brat yes,

but no excuse for bad behavior….

yes I know…God only gives us what we can handle,

this will be a test of strength over will I do believe

Thank all of you for listening…you have no ideal how that fills the soul….

I am Blessed, and I am Grateful

for each of my WP family. and friends

Take Care…You Matter…




free falling

whispers calling

angel tears

erasing the years

i stand alone

cold as stone

wandering in

no direction

free falling

thoughts stalling

angel tears

reflecting mirror

shadows whispers

they’re my sisters

I stand at the door

listening for more

they made it home

now I am truly alone







LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words:

each living energy has their own way to grieve…whether it be a death of someone close, a relationship, an article of someone we have never met or even an animal that has left to be in a better place…each sees to touche our soul.. no way is harder nor easier than someone else’s, for no one can tell someone a time, a place, or a right way or wrong way or even when it will all be set right in our hearts…only our soul knows that answer… words seem inadequate though thats all we have sometimes…we all grieve the best way we can…some hide it, some create wonderfully colorful masks to hide the pain, some write…a new blogger
( my friend )has chosen to write, and within each line one can feel the emotions, the questions, the sadness, but also if one looks closely, they perhaps may see a healing in her own unique way…. and maybe there is something someone needs to hear,,,
Go by and check her out and give her a Welcome hello in joining this family that writes…
Thank you…
Take Care…You Matter…

Originally posted on The Winged Woman:


We loved and fought,

You carried me through,

I knew not what I was to you.

You went your way,

I made mine,

I did not know there was so little time

A baby,

Some bars,

You had none, yet kept mine from harms.

New beginning, new promise,

A life yet to live,

You had so many chances, but choose not to give.

Broken promises,

Lost hope,

Thinking of nothing but dope.

Hurt mom, hurt sis,

Why they ask,

They don’t warrant a glance.

Dead body,

Dead field,

No answers revealed.

We loved and fought,

You carried me through,

I still do not know what I was to you.

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Autumn’s Whisper


within this season’s abundance
may you never be reluctant
to be true to your heart’s desires
stirring within passions fires
may you reap what you have sown
letting love, honor, and respect be shown
may your season’s abundance
be received within gratitude not reluctance
may you feel the wind’s voice
surrounding you in a freedom of choice
may you never be tethered  within someone’s control or fear
as the season’s abundance of truth evolves through the year
may you be the you, you dreamed of being long ago
setting course to take you where your heart will be forever home




images found in the whispers calling from cyberspace

World Peace! Just Imagine…..

LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words:

Sue over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary shares a simple and perfect message for today, I hope you will visit her and her thoughts…
Have a Peace-filled day on this World Day of Peace and May the
seed you scatter on the winds today be shared and harvested in the Blessing of Mabon
Take Care…You Matter….

Originally posted on Dreamwalker's Sanctuary:

Remember WE Create!

WE are the WORLD

Just Imagine it

ALL the People sharing that same Dream…

So Lets Join in the Dream of John Lennon

September 21st is World Peace Day—Everyday should be a day of Peace..

Wishing you Peace Now and Always

 Enjoy your weekend


I hope you have enjoyed the Video.. You can see more at Playing for Change.

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