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Grateful Sunday…just because

_0_observationTake Care….You Matter

I own no rights to images nor video

shared for others to enjoy




silence of sound


gathering winds of tomorrow

seeped in joys and sorrows

i can’t bring back yesterday

even though sometimes i pray


comedy and tragedy

the (mis) adventures  of life

wisps of a smile laced with mystery

pain spinning,spiraling from strife


whispers of breath

become rushing air

once held within the soul’s depth

restless as sent upon the wind with care


entwining with the wind

connecting,combining thoughts and dreams

shaking the trees leaves again

flowing towards the future like river streams


some will fall to the ground

others will hang on a branch

they hold the silence in sound

for those who will hear me by chance


sometimes another story I can’t tell

to no one who knew

how love happened and i fell

in multiple shades of truth


my soul’s journey of tried,true,and confused,yet so much more

my spirit that knows it’s magick no longer hidden behind shrouds

thoughts spun into words, drift on waves reaching distant shores

my memory will hold within, the silence of sound


26 January 2016



I own no rights to the videos or images, I share for others to enjoy


May you…

May the warm winds of heaven blow softly upon your spirit
May you always be blessed with a smile for every tear that falls
May you know a sensitive and soft  hand for every heartache
May you fall within peace to hear your soul
May you feel gratitude as you walk through your journey
May you know Love within every step of the way
May you follow your heart that holds your dreams
May you remember those who are always a heartbeat away
May you have a Christmas full of Blessings
Take Care…..You Matter….
24 December 2015
I own no rights to the video or images, I share for others to enjoy

echoes of silence


echoes of silence

cling within defiance

rolls like thunder

as darkness pulls me under

visions of the long ago

reflect white as snow

once seeped in color

shrouded now in illusions of black I discover

longest night within silence

scales without balance

the winds of change

has once more blown again

will you hear the whispers in time

or shall you remain in your closed heart, deaf and blind

the light comes once more

on hallowed ground washed up on the shores

waiting for you within the patience of Nature

to reconcile with your Creator


22 December 2015


i own no rights to music or images, i share for others to enjoy

ever for


secrets  told

in fields of gold

love began to grow

life was bold

whispers followed by laughter

dreams of happily ever-after

took shape to matter

in hearts they gathered 

Autumn spins fields of gold

Summer has come and gone

Winter’s waiting within shadows

for memories to take hold 

different shores

closed doors

love’s more

 ever for…


3 December 2015

_I will meet you there

I own no rights to images or video…..I only want to share them with other


storms on the way

_0astormbuildingonPendle hill

high on Pendle Hill

perfectly still


the winds of fate

changing season of late

time drifts by

on clouds up high

gathering together

in shades of heather

growing in colors of the darkest grey

storms on the way

plan A faded  in the sunset

plan B is taken on with no regret

words fall in silence

muse argues in defiance

still, a storm on the horizon

seeking shelter in silence

where fate meets destiny

and I choose to just be me



6 November 2015

i own no rights to images or video, I only share for others to enjoy


in the traffic jam called life

and you stand still in strife

think outside the norm

where flowers bloom and bees swarm

listen to the sounds beyond the everyday

listen the the music play

breathe in and out, once again

feel the wind blow against your skin



20 October 2015


life is about learning how to become more than the moment.

each has a gift to share, whether with one person or many.

you may not be where you want to be, but what is being

shown to you, will bring you everything you need to know.

I think the lesson is about accepting the good, the bad and the ugly,

learning to weave all that knowledge into a tapestry.

everyone is an artist, whether by paints and brush, needle and thread

or words on a page, or even sacking groceries in a store…..

the greatest artist listen to their hearts and give without exception

to the hurt they feel…turning their sadness into joy even if for a moment

what have you done today to make someone smile? 

I get a newsletter (internet email) called Upworthy 

and the video was on it….

made me think if you’re in a traffic jam of life, listen to the music

that someone is sharing …

this one is in Wales…( one of three more places to go on my bucket list)

I love the message these incredible musician are playing, which happens to be

an absolute favorite of mine Pachelbel Canon D…

so today I wanted to say Thank you to the ones who visit me and show such wonderful friendship in my traffic jam in life …..

I appreciate your thoughts and the time you share with me…doesn’t matter if it is brief or lengthy, in my crazy world right now, it feels wonderful…

one day my life will be wandering on the backroads again…until then know y’all are thought of and missed.

Hope you enjoy the video

Take Care…You Matter

and again :)

_Believe1i own no rights to images or videos, I only want ed to share them with others

standing on the edge

_0_aSurfing the Clouds

sand slips through the glass

each falling without a backward glance

she watches, putting letters to each grain,

knowing life will never be the same

through the letters words seem to fall instead of sand

and as she watches she begins to understand

he never intended there to be an us,

he never allowed himself to trust

he took pieces of her soul, breaking her spirit

the sounds were so loud, but she was the only one to hear it

she was just a break in his mundane routine

a different way to love under a blue moon

he never had any intention to keep his word

he thought her love was a silly emotion, boarding on the absurd


sand slips through the glass

each falling without looking back

its one hell of a view

seeing past what she thought she knew

standing, silently on the edge of the world

watching the layers of morning unfurl

miles to go, her heart is deep within the ocean

riding the tides of emotions in slow motion

each crest brings her closer to edge out there

of no where, somewhere, anywhere, she doesn’t care

a clean slate, a broken heart, a clearer mind

wondering in the wanderings what she’ll eventually find

will there be words to hear, will there be trust

will there be pen to paper as she learns to adjust


sand slips through the glass

each falling without looking back

each a mile she walked within making a memory 

each memory sounds like a favorite melody

calls her soul to come back to life

it is her own to walk in peace-filled or strife

will she always hear the echoes of his promises he broke

will they always whisper at the midnight stroke

one last time, she sips on that ice cold fire

that taste like his desires

they burn and freeze her words

 will there come a time when they will no longer be heard

standing on the edge of the world, the silence breaks

a new path reveals itself, she will  ponder a while,then take,not forsake


21 august 2015



I own no rights to video or image, I just wanted to share for others to enjoy

an ordinary day


an ordinary day

work and play

rest and relax

thinking in the past

words form sentences

breath holds patience

a quiet breathless sigh

another wondering why

some will see another dawn

others will not go on

living is about discovering your gift

your purpose is about sharing it to uplift

gratitude fills the path within your purpose

take no one for granted, for tomorrow is not certain

do no harm,

watch your world transform

for right now I wonder why

maybe cry 

then walk off this dust

and in this moment again trust

that all will be

for us to one day understand and see


I have learned acceptance instead of expectations,

within acceptance comes patience instead of pushing

to know….. I have lost and I have found, yet I stay grounded

for I know I have something more to do…..

today I heard three from my past left this world…

Jeff I have known since 1st grade ….Mattie since high school

and Mrs. Marsden since high school

all I could say when I heard was wow…just wow…..

to be honest I thought my spirit was still numb from my sisters

leaving last year…. it’s not…..

and I wonder why I am here once again….

so much unrest in these winds of change that are circling this sacred ground….

patience….. acceptance….gratitude……

don’t let time go by with any unsaid thoughts…….

May Jeff, Mattie and Mrs. Marsden Rest Within the Winds of Peace,

May their families have many moments of peace-filled memories

Take Care…You Matter…




10 August 2015

I own no rights to video or the images,

I share so others may pause a moment and enjoy


_0_aWishesonWavesThank you for calling Sheldon, it mattered

faraway lands

_0_aaaaaaaSacred night
faraway lands across the sea
if I learn to swim, will I be free
swim with the tides, ride the waves
within emotions I drown, can I be saved
the fires are still burning bright
even your watered down emotions can’t deny
I sometimes wander in the deep anguish of questions
no direction nor reflection
faraway lands seen from mountain tops
if I learn to fly, would the storms stop
spread my wings and roll like thunder
though lightning could strike again  and carry me under
if I take another chance, catch a cloud and dance
will life show me again the wonders of romance
spread my wings and fly to the moon and stars
look back on earth to see if I’ve gone to far
faraway lands beneath my feet I land
coming back to who I really am
like me, love me, even hate me if you choose
it’s okay, I know who I am, I’m working on paying karma’ her dues
(are you)
I’m found in the moments I’ve been lost
to the winds my cares are tossed
memories treasured and held in a sacred place
tears have disappeared, not leaving a trace
images and video found on internet, I own no rights to any of them,
I share for others to enjoy

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