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standing on the edge

_0_aSurfing the Clouds

sand slips through the glass

each falling without a backward glance

she watches, putting letters to each grain,

knowing life will never be the same

through the letters words seem to fall instead of sand

and as she watches she begins to understand

he never intended there to be an us,

he never allowed himself to trust

he took pieces of her soul, breaking her spirit

the sounds were so loud, but she was the only one to hear it

she was just a break in his mundane routine

a different way to love under a blue moon

he never had any intention to keep his word

he thought her love was a silly emotion, boarding on the absurd


sand slips through the glass

each falling without looking back

its one hell of a view

seeing past what she thought she knew

standing, silently on the edge of the world

watching the layers of morning unfurl

miles to go, her heart is deep within the ocean

riding the tides of emotions in slow motion

each crest brings her closer to edge out there

of no where, somewhere, anywhere, she doesn’t care

a clean slate, a broken heart, a clearer mind

wondering in the wanderings what she’ll eventually find

will there be words to hear, will there be trust

will there be pen to paper as she learns to adjust


sand slips through the glass

each falling without looking back

each a mile she walked within making a memory 

each memory sounds like a favorite melody

calls her soul to come back to life

it is her own to walk in peace-filled or strife

will she always hear the echoes of his promises he broke

will they always whisper at the midnight stroke

one last time, she sips on that ice cold fire

that taste like his desires

they burn and freeze her words

 will there come a time when they will no longer be heard

standing on the edge of the world, the silence breaks

a new path reveals itself, she will  ponder a while,then take,not forsake


21 august 2015



I own no rights to video or image, I just wanted to share for others to enjoy

an ordinary day


an ordinary day

work and play

rest and relax

thinking in the past

words form sentences

breath holds patience

a quiet breathless sigh

another wondering why

some will see another dawn

others will not go on

living is about discovering your gift

your purpose is about sharing it to uplift

gratitude fills the path within your purpose

take no one for granted, for tomorrow is not certain

do no harm,

watch your world transform

for right now I wonder why

maybe cry 

then walk off this dust

and in this moment again trust

that all will be

for us to one day understand and see


I have learned acceptance instead of expectations,

within acceptance comes patience instead of pushing

to know….. I have lost and I have found, yet I stay grounded

for I know I have something more to do…..

today I heard three from my past left this world…

Jeff I have known since 1st grade ….Mattie since high school

and Mrs. Marsden since high school

all I could say when I heard was wow…just wow…..

to be honest I thought my spirit was still numb from my sisters

leaving last year…. it’s not…..

and I wonder why I am here once again….

so much unrest in these winds of change that are circling this sacred ground….

patience….. acceptance….gratitude……

don’t let time go by with any unsaid thoughts…….

May Jeff, Mattie and Mrs. Marsden Rest Within the Winds of Peace,

May their families have many moments of peace-filled memories

Take Care…You Matter…




10 August 2015

I own no rights to video or the images,

I share so others may pause a moment and enjoy


_0_aWishesonWavesThank you for calling Sheldon, it mattered

faraway lands

_0_aaaaaaaSacred night
faraway lands across the sea
if I learn to swim, will I be free
swim with the tides, ride the waves
within emotions I drown, can I be saved
the fires are still burning bright
even your watered down emotions can’t deny
I sometimes wander in the deep anguish of questions
no direction nor reflection
faraway lands seen from mountain tops
if I learn to fly, would the storms stop
spread my wings and roll like thunder
though lightning could strike again  and carry me under
if I take another chance, catch a cloud and dance
will life show me again the wonders of romance
spread my wings and fly to the moon and stars
look back on earth to see if I’ve gone to far
faraway lands beneath my feet I land
coming back to who I really am
like me, love me, even hate me if you choose
it’s okay, I know who I am, I’m working on paying karma’ her dues
(are you)
I’m found in the moments I’ve been lost
to the winds my cares are tossed
memories treasured and held in a sacred place
tears have disappeared, not leaving a trace
images and video found on internet, I own no rights to any of them,
I share for others to enjoy
within each and every dream there is a beginning,
and an ending…
sometimes you remember the end,
other times it escapes on the wind
then….. you wake up
in the ending you carry only what your heart trusts
from the responses, reactions and emotions
that created actions from thoughts you set in motion
each thought a window to ponder on the view
each awakening another door to step through
have you ever watched the death of a dream?
it has its own life it would seem
beginning with a slow shallow breath
reflecting on the path of that particular quest
where truth shows through all the lies
when the mask falls and shows the once hidden disguise
the promises that never had any intention to keep
the love that was found,then lost in the abyss’s black going deep
each memory floats by in slow motion
emotions are stilled, no strife, no commotion
images and music entwined as one feels what was,what is  true
false words tumble from past verses, falling from view
breath seems to hold its own timelessness
each seem bound within your carelessness
tears frozen and no longer matter
falling, they shatter, no more need to gather
the ending has ended, another day has turned to night
shadows watch from faraway in the distance of a new dreams flight
holding the past that will define the direction it shall take
winds whispering words to the stars for a new wish to make
ending spins within spirals as a beginning begins
once again
one step through one door, next step through,
the wind gently blows through to clear the view
27 July 2015
_0aTransparent wishes on wings
there comes a time when you move away, not move on, but away
from the place you have stayed in too long.
great love stories come with challenges and work,
if one partner does not have
the strength, the empathy, the courage, then the other will
show their strength when the time is right for them to move away…
there is no set time,
and even though some will insist it is best, they do not know
what is and has been said between the two souls…”they” are only wanting
someone to blame for their own insecurities, the suspicions, and the doubts they have …
which if  they are honest with their self they’ll see it’s a sign they are already starting their own ending …
one gave, the other took and yet the music plays on…..
neither is wrong or right
it’s just is what it is….
no regrets, only a wish sent for Great Happiness
Life is that rose garden, full of beautiful dreams, sometimes the thorns
are a reminder that there is no beauty without pain….it’s just being human at this moment in time
I own no rights to the images or video,
only shared for others to enjoy

the path

_0_the path the lures Raymond Noble~art by Raymond E. Noble, titled “The Path that Lures”
a solitaire path that lures
offers no instant gratification nor magickal cure
merely a journey of twists and turns
where one can find love or perhaps get burned
flowers bloom along the way
rocks don’t roll away, they stay
the ancient trees seem bent in play
accepting the day as one of come what may
the mountains come into view
under skies of crystals in blue
clouds passing slowly through
for some reason they make me think of you
Thank You for being You and Being always there
_0_Leaf quote Robert Frost
_0_Road Less Traveled
images and video found in cyberspace, I own no rights to either

rediscover dawn


in the valley of twilight
a hush covers the darkest fright
entwining thoughts create a bond
held sacred, we rediscover dawn
beginnings within endings
hands holding on a fence, mending
burnt bridges dark as coal
ashes covering the moss covered knolls
step lightly, tread with care
an ember lies within the ashes there
a single spark glows, we rediscover dawn
creating sacred links within our infinite bond
beginnings within another ending
whispers on the winds are bending
entwined on branches they held
frozen thoughts, frozen hearts melt
time flows through the valley of twilight again
knowing love never ends, it continues to begin
there’s a quiet peace shrouding the world
rediscovering dawn is the only song I heard
18 May 2015
images and music found on the internet, I own no rights to them
Thank you for being here with me



in my dreams flowers are scattered

on ripples made of the water

I hear them, they whisper what  matters

colorful  petals swirling in the shadows of the deep

I think to myself…..within the gift of my love I did not falter

looking deeper within, I no longer weep

for I reached my destiny,

solving one more of my souls mystery

wandering, sometimes lost,

(sometimes not)

until I paused…

now I finally understand

love was always my destiny

in this moment, part of this sacred land

I will cherish it, knowing it is a treasure within my heart

but letting go wasn’t to be the hardest part

finding my way as I start over

in the unknown was what I discovered

to be the lesson

where love is always the destiny

now no matter which way the winds blow,

my destiny shall never be lessened



28 April 2014


images and videos I found on the internet, I liked them and wanted to share,

I own no rights to any of them


_0_Good Things

Truth is a timeless child
waiting within shadows and light
at any given minute or hour
to give someone the ultimate power
Truth is a timeless child
roaming free and wild
filled with empathy to set things right
waiting diligently to take flight
Truth is a timeless child
innocent while emerging in wisdom and strength  from each trial
as lies will continue to spread and manipulate
truth within shadows and light wait to open the gardens gate
Truth is a timeless child
facing new challenges all the while
letting go, changing directions, always staying true
 listening to the heart, feeling and following through
Truth is a timeless child
loving, maturing, perfecting within meticulous strides
truth is forever evolving within
waiting for someone to hear, to understand
images and video’s found as I wandered on the internet, I own no rights, only wanted to share them

_0_Earth Day

I arose to a sunless morn

knowing a new dawn was somewhere on the horizon being born

silence filled with memories and tears

each one a part of me for more than a thousand years


the gentle whispers rode the wind

coursing through treetops that gently bend

I am reminded as I wander deep within

my blood flows within connecting to the trees again


each has the flow of life in all it’s glory

silent words to fill the air with their story

birds sing their songs, creating joyful melody

breath stilled for a moment to hear Natures symphony


Earth’s creatures celebrate by living in harmony

unlike mankind, they have lived in the balance of harmony

accepting they are provided all they need

despite the chaos,discord and mankind’s greed


we all breathe the air, we all bleed many shades of red

each feels warmth of the sun, sleep beneath the moon in a makeshift bed

we all cry tears of joy and pain, we laugh and hurt the same

yet creatures of the Earth unlike man seek no one to blame


seasons change, as each of us do, flowing with the tides within living

trees stand straight, bent,always reaching to embrace in unconditional giving

Guardians of Earth, their spirits deep within are of the Ancient Ones

showing us the way to live simply with harmony till our time is done


I arose to dwell within the solitude of the Blessing of the day

my words merely interpreting the whispers I hear to say

thoughts entwining with the journey of a lifetime within Spirit

I am honored and humbled they Ancient One’s let me hear them


a day to Honor the Earth, Her Trees, and Creatures within all Her glory

a moment in time to begin creating harmony and Peace within Her story

a time for hands to entwine, giving Her back Her rightful place

for it is home to all of us, it is a most Sacred space


Take a moment to care,  embrace the seeds of Peace we can scatter

for every breath and thought Matters, share them in kindness to be gathered

in generations to come, bringing the light from above

making it here below, knowing we are here to experience Love


Take Care….You Matter….

Celebrate Earth Day, planting a seed



22 April 2014


_0_yin yang tree


images and videos I gathered from the internet I own no rights to them



let it come…..let it go…..


there is never any gain

without some loss

sometimes the pain

will be a heavy cost

as life flows

creating bits and pieces

that come and go

to make up our days

hesitating is the way

to miss out on enjoying

the journey along the way

look to see what you are avoiding

pulling up the pain

let it come…let it go….

even if it is again and again

its a piece of life one needs to know

pain is in the shadow of joy

an emotion within depths of the soul

not something to throw away like a broken toy

it entwines the human spirit and its soul

as life continues to flow

adding bits and pieces

that will always come and go

make a love that never ceases

embracing all life’s moment

through the joys and the pains

one lives fully not just existing to be content

while flowing through the losses and the gains



19 April 2014

_0_aaaaabluerosegarlandgif_0_Good Things_0_aaaaaaaaaaaTreasuresofHeart

images and video found on the inter, I own no rights to any just wanted to share them



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