I am always chasing the dreams within passions fire
following close to the path of my hearts desires
the night calls within those whispers on the wind
I open the window to follow the sounds and scents
up close and clear,  yet sometimes I wonder where they went
the night is full of hypnotic fragrances entwined within night sounds
music that comes from the stars falling to be earth bound
a journey that takes me higher to the other side
of daylight dancing into the stars and within the moonlight
my feet are bare as I run and they kiss the earth
I feel Her heartbeat whispering,, telling me all I am worth
Her energy pulls me past another almost defeat
feeling my own heartbeat, I know She has my spirit to keep
so I wander within the scattered whims of my mind
catching up with what got left behind
magick that was spun and weaved deep inside
within that moment  I find I am once again defined
nights are set to silent words written on the winds of highest intent
days are blissfully full with peace entwined with content
moment to moment within chasing the fire, I find myself being me once more
as the window showed me my desires of tomorrow, I turn to open its door