Have you ever seen anything in your life more wonderful
than the way the sun, every evening,
relaxed and easy, floats towards the horizon.
~ Mary Oliver


nothing…..no thing is eternal within life
yet we would try to make it so creating chaos and strife
with each passing breath of wind
a thought is tucked within for later remembrance
whether it be a smile or a falling tear
we keep the presence of that thought ever so near
each will change through the days emotional moods
yet in its weaving through heart and mind it will sometimes allude
houses built on foundations within four walls
eventually will crumble and fall as Nature calls
each abandon structure, will slowly return to nature
visited by ghost of the past and wandering creatures
as the stars from millions of light years away shine at night
filling universes in galaxies with colors bright
even the galaxy of brilliant, heavenly stars too shall pass
for they will eventually burn up as they run out of gas
humans shall return from dust back to dust, within a peaceful hush
some with fear, while others reach for more with absolute heart in trust


no thing …nothing is eternal in this life we create for now
each energy walks their path, in fear, in bliss, in knowledge within and without
some will stand tall as the mighty oak, some will cower and always bow
this is a life to be reckoned with, to learn to  follow dreams or nightmares somehow
I sometimes believe we came from unconditional love to stumble blindly off track
always in a quest to gain to sustain, or worry in what in ourselves we lack
then there are days when we let go of strife, worry and fears and just relax
in the letting go we find or I do at least, the only thing that matters
is the kindness we show, the seeds of love and peace we scatter
it is not a thing we let go of, but an energy of emotion we hope to again gather
for in this circle that continues on into whatever infinity holds for us
I think the most powerful seed we can plant is the seed of trust

for within trust of heart, of self, of others, of what is…is,

then love entwined within peace becomes a must

_0_aMay You Always know