my mind wandered

into awake

bringing me down

a one way path

within the sands of time

where I lost my soul

it would seem

I fall within the night air

warm, soft to the touch

my mind awakened to

the wandering thought of

when did love


not enough

to create

the dreams

of the heart

the music echoes

gently on the wind

in the distance

  of the yesterday

of tomorrow’s night

my mind wanders

in this stillness

of past midnight

a leaf whispers

as it falls

from nowhere

touching my heart

as I walk

beneath the trees

do you

ever wonder

when love


not enough

I do

as I am touched

by love

 in midnight’s hours


a tear slips quietly

to the ground

waiting to be found

to be heard within

this void of without

in the moment

when love


not enough