~photo…Philip Harrison

A Moment In Wonder

for a moment the mist parted like a sacred shroud
before us lay beauty upon hallowed ground
a sign from the ancient ones could be seen
upon the frozen waters a heart surfaced with a subdued gleam
all seemed right with the world in that moment in time
without looking around, one knew pure beauty and grace in kind
winds from the direction north caressed us into the space at hand
we stood side by side with all the ones’ before that walked this wondrous land
we marvel at the art of the craft built from someone’s long ago dream
though as we turn to wander we realize there is more at hand than it first seemed
stones carefully laid within each other to hold that dream someone had brought to life one day
had been taken and strewn about carelessly and lay in complete disarray
wandering further along , we wondered who could do such a callous, heartless deed
to take part in a vandalism of such malicious  destruction of property
 standing so still, surveying the sad destruction of part of this land’s history
 the air became very still and quiet echoing disdain and misery
we could feel the sadness of all who walked before us and were with us today
for the world seems to have lost respect of dreams others created along this journey’s way
will they reap what they have sown, or for once taking responsiblity
or does the world once again turn a blind eye to respect and common courtesy