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_0_aRobin Wight Heart Faery sculpture
~Art by ~Robin Wight
1abeatingsilverheartFaery Hearts
twilight descends behind the whispers of the mountain tops 
it is that moment between sleep and wake when time does pause
the sun stretching his rays beginning to awaken from a good nights sleep
the moon shines brighter as she kisses him goodnight, beginning to fall into slumber deep
as the mist settles, shrouding in silence the valley below
the Faery rises….taking flight to share what she knows 
whispering from the language within her heart
she delivers messages so sweet on the winds to travel ever far 
each, created in love from the ancient ones, instilled with infinity’s grace
silently kissing the chosen ones cheek or wiping a tear from their face 
all good things do not end,  they shall go on forever
for love delivered from the faery’s heart  cannot ever be severed
into the night among the stars, entwined within moonbeams, they shall  forever dance
if one were to open their heart within the gift of sight and take a chance 
to roam within infinity, circling time and space, gathering memories to trace
showing each soul it shall touch, the way to their destiny is within the magick of play
in the twilight hour, when you are in between waking and dreams of sleep
feel and remember the Heart Faery’s soft touch of a kiss upon your cheek
hear Her message she whispers in the moment she brings between light and dark
take it deep within your being and listen as it speaks to your heart
7 august 2014
in the first photo in this article , I believe he captured a faery too…….
or perhaps She was whispering his destiny? :)
Wire Sculpture by Fantasywire on FB



whispers on the wind

a melody of my love

the mist rolls in

as do the dreams I send

close your eyes

yet awake you shall lie

as do I

for I am on your mind

as you are on mine

even after all this time

perhaps because a love such as ours

is not to be taken lightly

nor forgotten and left behind





~a Peter Wilkin Photo

on this day that will never be again
mist from above rolls in
shrouding for a moment
to pause and contemplate
a direction to begin
the terrain is shifting
as spirits begin lifting
from above to below
clouds show cross-roads

the spirit rises high
a defining moment in time
set within the blue skies
a color to heal, to tranquilize
chaotic thoughts that roam
these shifting times
with winds of change
what…who will be left behind
or do we stay,becoming part of time
watching the terrain be altered
as the mist rolls through
under skies so blue

a voice

given to the choice
you choose
to alter your terrain
and throughout



Remembering Sunday

walking down the  back dirt roads,  I remember

Sunday’s were for resting, January through December

sometimes church, but mostly I ran off before everyone was awake

always a wayward kid, looking for something to satisfy my curiosity ache


grandpa knew where I was headed, so he just shook his head and smiled

scootin everyone in the olde blue chevrolet,he started it up, they’ld be back in awhile

I went down to the creek to catch crawdads, skippin stones, laughing when I got more than three

then off to the olde tank where the bullfrogs seemed to always wait to sing  for me


song birds sang as I played in the fields of peanuts and cotton, and stopped to climb a tree

up there sittin on the branches I could be anything, anyone I wanted to be

pickin wildflowers as I made my way back to the barn to check out the new kittens

these Sunday mornings always had me smiling, laughing, I was surely smitten


I look out over the pastures that are now where the horses graze in the morning mist

no more cotton or peanut fields to be planted, oh how those spring days I miss

I miss my grandpa, all six foot six of him as he would take my hand in his when he got home

for in his hand I knew I was in his heart, never for even a moment in this world was I alone


time passes, I hear music on the wind this Sunday morning as I walk on these backroads alone

I hear my heartbeat and feel the energy of Gaia beneath my barefeet as I head back home

I miss those Sunday mornings where I was just me against the world at large in those wide open fields

tucking the memories in once again, I hear the crow cawing as I put back up those heart shields






~photo…Philip Harrison

A Moment In Wonder

for a moment the mist parted like a sacred shroud
before us lay beauty upon hallowed ground
a sign from the ancient ones could be seen
upon the frozen waters a heart surfaced with a subdued gleam
all seemed right with the world in that moment in time
without looking around, one knew pure beauty and grace in kind
winds from the direction north caressed us into the space at hand
we stood side by side with all the ones’ before that walked this wondrous land
we marvel at the art of the craft built from someone’s long ago dream
though as we turn to wander we realize there is more at hand than it first seemed
stones carefully laid within each other to hold that dream someone had brought to life one day
had been taken and strewn about carelessly and lay in complete disarray
wandering further along , we wondered who could do such a callous, heartless deed
to take part in a vandalism of such malicious  destruction of property
 standing so still, surveying the sad destruction of part of this land’s history
 the air became very still and quiet echoing disdain and misery
we could feel the sadness of all who walked before us and were with us today
for the world seems to have lost respect of dreams others created along this journey’s way
will they reap what they have sown, or for once taking responsiblity
or does the world once again turn a blind eye to respect and common courtesy


Voices of the Ancients


Voices of the Ancients


 Wandering alone through the so quiet green meadows and lazy rolling hills


the maiden stops by the river, listening to the sad song of Whipporwill


as she tilts her head  a smile touches her face  and is seen dancing within  her eyes


the wind begins to whisper and as she listen’s, she hears  musical voices say,  its time to learn to fly




She stops in her tracks looking around,  no one before her does she see anywhere


the wind picks up in it’s fury,  the voices around her very loudly begin to share


Laughter on the wind,  so many excited voices begin at once to speak


the energy of their words make her knees buckle and she starts to feel weak




Where is all this commotion coming from she wonders out loud


then as she stands in awe, the mist becomes visible,  parting before her like a scared shroud


with the blink of an eye standing before her are women and men of all forms beyond this life’s Light


so much joy to take in,  she gasps as she claps her hands at the incredible sight




We are the Voices of ages,  past,  present and what is to become


here to share with you the unfolding of a new world  that has begun


do you stand before us and take up the Sword of Truth and Might


becoming One as we have before You, knowing its time to set our sacred  Earth
once again right




With no hesitation did she faulter or withdraw in fright to speak her will


for somewhere in her memories she knows the Ancient Ones before her are alive and
very real


Though she knows not for sure what to say or do,  she stands tall and
speaks from within clarity of her heart


I bow before You, she says,  it will be my Honor to help set Mother Earth right,
when do I start




The thunder  rolled and loudly clapped,  as the firey lightning streaked across the darkened skies


surrounding her with breathtaking music that came straight from the clouds on high


She watches as an army of Angels slowly descends floating down from above to the Earth


knowing she was about to witness Mother Gaia’s Gift about to be blessedly birthed




The Voices of the Ancients and the Angels began to sing in  perfect harmony and  glory


for they had found one more warrior to take up the call of a new wonderous  Herstory


Slowly the winds died down, the skies begin to slowly clear


the maiden watched as the window of  a New Dawn opened up to her so near




She felt the embrace of the Ancients  melding her into their energy, and instantly she felt  strong


tears ran down her cheeks,  for now she understood where she had always belonged


The maiden was One of the Ancients,  awakened,  she could now begin her Journey that was always destined to Be


she looked at the river,  hearing the sad song of the Whipporwill,  turning away she silently stepped into the Mist, she was no longer in a hurry









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